The Challenge


More Drones in the Sky

It’s projected that by 2021 there will be 3.55 million consumer drones in the United States, at an annual growth rate of 26.4 percent. And that’s in addition to commercial drones. Our skies are getting busy.

Drone Security Risks

But while drones can be fun, and have many commercial and safety benefits, they can also pose significant safety and security risks.

Already, we’ve seen drones:

  • Crash at stadiums and utilities
  • Deliver contraband into prisons
  • Disrupt flights at airports
  • Cause fire fighting aircraft to be grounded.

And ethical hackers have shown how drones can be used to plan future attacks. How? They offer a way to observe facilities from a distance and find holes in security that can be exploited. In short, drones present a real risk to both businesses and public safety.

Security Heads Respond

For experienced security heads, doing nothing is not an option. They need to assess all the potential risks to their business and develop a response plan. And they know that the more time you have to respond, the better. Early threat detection is key.

AeroDefense’s drone detection system, AirWarden™ was designed to meet this need. It provides the early warning and situational awareness you need to respond to drone threats quickly and effectively.