Movie Sets

Movie Sets

The Problem
Movie producers from Mission Impossible to Game of Thrones go to great lengths to prevent plots for new movies from leaking out in advance. Literally everyone involved with a movie at any level signs strong non-disclosure agreements and risks being sued if they leak the story line.

Drones present a new vector for the plot to leak. When a drone flies over a shoot, it creates not only risk the storyline leak but also filming disruption.

The Solution
AeroDefense’s counter-UAS solution, AirWarden™ detects drones as they enter the perimeter airspace. Both the drone and the pilot locations are detected and alerts are sent via on-screen messages, SMS or email.

Security patrol vehicles can be equipped with mobile AirWarden™ sensors to add flexibility to location detection services.

While producers would be quite happy to send the drone home, they must settle now for advising the person is breaking the law by flying over people without permission and ask the trespassing pilot to leave before the authorities are called.