Drones and Public Safety

Drones and Public Safety: An Interview with a Deputy Chief of Police

Drones continue to pose public safety concerns, and law enforcement is taking notice ...
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Drone Detection Technology Podcast

Our Founder and CEO, Linda Ziemba, sat down with Drone Radio Show host, Randy Goers, to discuss AirWarden's unique place ...
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Customer success story with MetLife Stadium on early warning for drones

Customer Success Story: MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium is constantly striving to ensure the safety and security of its guests and in 2017 began to evaluate ...
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Ethics in Drone Detection

A Candid Overview – The Ethics of Drone Detection

Our Founder and CEO, Linda Ziemba, has been working in the technology industry from the very beginning of her career ...
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drone detection RFP template

FREE Download: 2019/2020 Drone Detection RFP Template

The intricacies of drone detection technology and the regulatory environment that surrounds them create an often confusing scenario for organizations ...
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Evaluating Drone Detection Systems

FREE Download: Top 10 Things to Ask When Evaluating Drone Detection Systems

There are many things to consider when evaluating drone detection systems. Knowing the right questions to ask is key. Here ...
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Case study with Georgia Department of Corrections on contraband deliveries via drone

Case Study: Georgia Department of Corrections

With 33 state prisons and a capacity of over 38,000 inmates, it's not surprising that contraband deliveries via drone are ...
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Critical Infrastructure Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) security issues

FREE Download: Critical Infrastructure Drone Threat Survey 2019

In Q2 2019 AeroDefense conducted a survey of security personnel at critical infrastructure facilities across the United States. The survey ...
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2019 Corrections Drone Threat Survey

FREE Download: Corrections Drone Threat Survey 2019

The first annual Corrections Drone Threat Survey, explores the most important Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) security issues facing correctional facilities ...
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Contraband Phone

5 Reasons Your Correctional Facility Needs a Drone Detection System

Sometimes wrapped together with duct tape, cell phones are a common item delivered by drone. Concerned about drones? While contraband ...
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