Correctional Facility Drone Detection

Correctional facility drone detection

Contraband Delivery Risks

Contraband deliveries via drone have soared. Cell phones, drugs, tools and weapons are all popular items. And they pose an enormous risk to safety, both for the prison staff and the inmates. But catching perpetrators is not easy. Deliveries are often a coordinated effort. They may include multiple drones, pilots, and battery changes, and may start and end in completely different locations.

The Solution

AeroDefense’s correctional facility drone detection solution, AirWarden™ detects drones as they enter your airspace and locates both the drone and the pilot/controller. Once detected, alerts are sent to security personnel via command console, text or email. They can also be sent to local law enforcement, for a coordinated response.

But drone detection isn’t just useful for immediate response. Replays of a detection event can also show you the best places to look for evidence to help build your case. And experience has shown that installation of a drone detection system can actually reduce contraband delivery attempts.

VICE News Tonight (HBO)

See how Georgia State Department of Corrections is using AirWarden™ to combat contraband deliveries via drone.